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Eng. Ranieri Costa begins his professional activity in 2004 after having worked two years in another professional studio dealing with hydraulic and civil engineering issues.
In 2006 eng. Ranieri Costa starts its own studio undertaking activities of design and on site management in the field of structural engineering, regarding reinforced concrete, steel and wood structures, according with Italian and E.C. regulations. The professional activity includes also the designing and on site management of safety and security issues regarding construction sites. Between 2006 and 2010, eng. R. Costa performs the first significant projects such as the enlargement of the shopping center in Rho (MI), the new underground parking lot for 140 autos in Genova Oregina, the new underground parking lot and its residential complex in Arenzano (GE), the radical restructuring and the raising of an ancient industrial building in Mignanego (GE), the structures supporting the new promenade in Bonassola (SP) and many others as described in the included resume.
My studio provided a strong background with CAD, finite elements modelling is able, on its own to lead design projects from preliminary to the executive phases.
Since 2010 eng. Costa, leads, for the Malvezzi&Partner’s activities of inspection and validation, concerning the structural aspects, of several significant and strategic projects.
Since 2012 eng. Costa is entitled to perform static testing in order to validate works designed and
directed from other engineers, as required from Italian Regulations.
Since 2013 eng. Costa has been included in the register of the technical consultants of the Court of Genoa.
In order to view the CV of all the main works performed click on the below attached file ENG COSTA CV.
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